Quarter 4 Year 2018




Welcome to the Simulation!

Please enter all start up decisions and contracts to begin your first trial decisions this week. The first trial decision will take place in Quarter 1, 2019.


Remember that it takes two quarters to build manufacturing plants before production can begin, so please purchase finished goods from Peacock Industries (Advanced Firm 18) for the first two quarters. You do not need to negotiate a contract with Peacock. Instead, enter the quantity of units of each type of product you want to purchase, in each area to which you want the finished goods delivered (a total of 4 contracts if buying both product types for both areas). You MUST use the Peacock sales prices per unit, however.

Per Unit Price of Product Type 1 = $56

Per Unit Price of Product Type 2 = $99


If you have questions, please read the User Guide (linked from the "tools" tab of the landing page, and also here: https://globalview.org/txt_overview.html

If you cannot find the answer you need from the User Guide you may ask your Simulation Administrator for assistance: Globalviewagv@gmail.com


We look forward to working with you all this term.