Quarter 4 Year 2020



As anticipated, scent demand collapsed in the NAFTA markets.  Details are not yet available but it appears sales were off by 30% … perhaps lower in some areas not yet reporting.


Firms selling into the NAFTA market had to respond immediately under crisis management conditions.  Alerted in late Q3 to the earthquake, they had to shift available products to the most advantaged markets.  This was not too difficult.  However, marketing variables all had to be adjusted in a totally new competitive environment.  Overall, management held their own in such a whirlwind of unknown factors.  Some prospered, others over-reacted.  Some failed to react.  All in all, Q4 profits look good as does the future.


Emergency response agencies and victims of the earthquake sent huge thanks and appreciation to the firms that donated time, energy and money to the clean-up and rebuilding efforts underway. Special thanks to all the Firms that have so generously contributed cash and time donations to the rebuilding and cleanup effort. The numerous families, schools, libraries and many, many others who benefited from the generosity of these amazing firms sent their heart-felt thanks, pictures and letters of appreciation to the firms themselves and social media platforms.