Quarter 3 Year 2020



Q4 demand estimates remain in place for the EU.   Experts at this point in time expect NAFTA demand to crash, perhaps by 30% from Q4 a year ago.
We called each scent facility in NAFTA and found all plants operational. Transportation from factory to store shelves is an unknown variable in the NAFTA market.  The above estimate of a 30% decline in demand incorporated a rough estimate of transportation failures.


Scent firms, particularly those operating plants in NAFTA are being asked to help by donating to a rebuilding fund dedicated to individual families who had major property losses and did not have insurance.  Home insurance with an earthquake rider is common in California, but not in the Midwest.  Personal losses not reimbursed by insurance will destroy many families.  If you want to help, send a note to the administrator with your donation amount.  Your firm will be noted on each donation to a family and you may use this gifting in your advertising.  Thank you, editorial staff of the Dollars and Scents Quarterly.