Quarter 4 Year 2020


The Mississippi earthquake claimed the lives of 112620 people.  Damage estimates are over a trillion dollars and growing.  Within twenty four hours of the disaster, a special declaration by the President of the United States waived any entry or import restrictions across the Canadian/United States border.  Thousands of Canadians, poured into the heartland of America driving huge trucks with relief supplies, electric company utility trucks, backhoes, generators and excavation equipment.  Twenty four helicopters with search and rescue dogs and medical teams flew into the Ohio river valley.  The Canadians joined caravans of aid moving southward from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  Similar caravans were moving north out of Texas, Florida, Georgia and eastern states.  The Office of Homeland Security became the director for a vast army of rescue and relief aid.  Western states were sending relief teams to California and Oregon.


The equity markets recovered within weeks as the scale and cost of the disaster became known. 


The Area 1 holiday celebrations of Quarter 4 were more subdued compared to recent years as people in the United States shared their grief but also their love and appreciation for all the support and generosity of the numerous countries across the world that have provided aid following the earthquake.