Quarter 4 Year 2019



Firm-to-Firm Contracts this Quarter:


Peacock is now closed to all simulation teams. If your firm needs to purchase finished goods, please visit the chat room/message board forum to find other simulation teams that can supply your firm with product (linked from the "Chat" tab of the Globalview.org homepage). If your firm needs the password to access the message board/chat room forum, please contact your simulation administrator, Kristi.


Note that BOTH teams must agree to the terms of a contract before it can be executed. Firms entering illegal contracts (contracts entered and submitted without the consent of the other team), will be ejected from the simulation.


*Remember that Peacock does NOT sell raw materials or plant hours. To purchase raw materials, use the "Raw Materials" decision form. These materials must be ordered one quarter in advance of using them in production. These will always be your cheapest source of raw materials.


To order plant hours, use the "Capacity" decision form to order stage 1 and stage 2 plant hours in the area or areas of your choice.