Quarter 4 Year 2020



Firm-to-Firm Product Sales This Quarter:

Peacock is now closed to all firms except FIRM 64, a new entrant. . If your firm does not have a manufacturing plant to produce your own products then you will need to purchase finished goods from other firms. If you have not already done so, you will need to set up an individual account in the chat room/message board system. You may ask your professor or simulation administrator for the general forum password.


FIRM 64 ONLY may purchase product from Peacock at the following prices:

Product Type 1: $56 per unit

Product Type 2: $99 per unit

*Remember that Peacock does NOT sell plant hours and does not sell raw materials. Use the "Capacity" decision menu to build or expand a manufacturing plant. Use the "Raw Materials" decision menu to purchase raw materials one quarter in advance of using them in production.