ARCHIVES: Quarter 4 Year 2017



Welcome to the Simulation!

You must enter ALL start up decisions and contracts to begin your first NONtrial decisions, due Friday February 9th at 12:00 noon Eastern Time. Absolutely NO history will be saved from the first practice round nor the second practice decisions processed this past weekend. You must enter ALL startup decisions and contracts. Ignore any "Current" values you see in your decision menus. These current values are generated by the results from the practice decisions but have NO impact on your first competitive decisions. This history will be set to zero before processing decisions and contracts this Friday Feb 9th. Only those contracts and entries in your decision menus this week will count toward your first competitive decisions. Do not enter any negative values as you would be subtracting from zero.


The first trial decision will take place in Quarter 1, 2018.


Remember that it takes two quarters to build manufacturing plants before production can begin, so please purchase finished goods from Peacock Industries (Advanced Firm 18) for the first two quarters. You do not need to negotiate a contract with Peacock. Instead, enter the quantity of units of each type of product you want to purchase in each area to which you want the finished goods delivered (a total of 4 contracts if buying both product types for both areas). You MUST use the Peacock sales prices per unit, however.

Per Unit Price of Product Type 1 = $56

Per Unit Price of Product Type 2 = $99


If you have questions, please read the User Guide (linked from the "tools" tab of the landing page, and also here:

If you cannot find the answer you need from the User Guide you may ask your Simulation Administrator for assistance:


Welcome to the Simulation!




The EU unemployment data indicates that the recovery has finally reached lower income workers, especially in depressed areas of Greece and Spain.  This is especially true in the tourism sector.  Housing markets throughout the EU have increased demand and prices are slowly accelerating upward.


GDP increased about 1% for the quarter.  Economists and central banks see the slower rate of growth as good news.  A 4% annual rate can be maintained with a minimum of inflationary pressures.  Some point to the rate and suggest the tighter monetary policy is working.  Other economists suggest the rate is simply ‘the calm before the storm’.  They say the slower rate is an anomaly and probably due to bad weather during the holiday season and the realignment of consumer needs and wants with their now increasing levels of income.  T-bill rates rose as did corresponding rates in the EU.  The coordination of NAFTA/EU monetary policy have kept exchange rate movements in a narrow range.


NAFTA unemployment data shows continual quarter-to-quarter improvement.  Canada’s personal income levels are increasing at a faster rate than in the United States.  Some suggest the rapid increase is due to their growing export in the energy sector, mainly oil, gas and electricity.  Also, increased tax revenues are being invested in infrastructure, both new and refurbished.


U.S. corporate tax rates were left at current levels as Congress focuses a major tax overhaul on personal incomes.


Japan had a marked improvement in GDP growth during 2016. 


China reported upper-end consumers are favoring foreign made products over Chinese equivalents as seen in a host of products from autos to perfume.  While exports are much larger than imports, the government voiced concern about the trend.




Pending results of the first NON-trial decision due Friday October 6.





Peacock Prices

P1 = $56 per unit

P2 = $99 per unit


*Remember that Peacock does NOT sell raw materials or plant hours. To purchase raw materials, use the "Raw Materials" decision form. These materials must be ordered one quarter in advance of using them in production. These will always be your cheapest source of raw materials.


To order plant hours, use the "Capacity" decision form to order stage 1 and stage 2 plant hours in the area or areas of your choice.